Friday, 4 March 2016

Flashback Friday: London Cocktail Week 2015

Flashback to London Cocktail Week in October last year. Flashback to the time I learnt how to carve an ice ball. Flashback to learning more about succeeding in cocktail competitions from Josh Reynolds. Flashback to Monin blind tasting of syrups, and discovering the subtle differences between regular chocolate and chocolate cookie flavour. Flashback to long talks about gin, and almost missing the next seminar. Flashback to trying many different cocktails and new spirits. Flashback to brunch, pancakes and a catch up with a friend who'd recently moved to London.

Flashback to Icelandic beer, and a new found love for wheat beer in general. Flashback to a candlelit Boulevardier making session. Flashback to shots of Angostura orange bitters. Flashback to plenty more Angostura rum cocktails. Flashback to plenty more cocktails generally. Flashback to getting in a bathtub full of ducks. Flashback to bathtub gin. Flashback to a fantastic day balancing education with fun.

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